Expert in Thermal and Electrical Insulation Materials

Beijing Friend Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (Beijing Friend Group) focuses research, development, production, and distribution on these core product lines: insulation materials, SMC/DMC composite materials, GPO-3, UPGM series composite materials and deep processing products of different kinds of engineering plastics. Having been in business for over two decades our engineers and assembly specialists have had ample time to perfect both our products and production techniques, leaving our clients with an ideal combination of innovative, high-quality products produced with extreme efficiency, resulting in lower overall costs, less time in production, and extreme customer value! Our products have applications in a wide range, including aerospace, military industry, shipping industry, petrochemical engineering, rail transit, power industry, electric appliances, electronics, medical treatment, mechanics and many others. Details

As an expert in new materials solution, Friend Group holds an unparallel strength in manufacturing and machining of electrical and thermal insulation materials, composites and reinforced plastics. We boast cutting edge technologies and equipment that are a guarantee for high quality products in various types for your applications.

Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

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