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Cotton Fabric Reinforced Phenolic Tube

Cotton fabric reinforced phenolic rod is hard tubular insulation laminate product that is made by special-purpose cotton fabric immersing into phenolic resin through drying and rolling. Optional model is 3526.

Performance and Applications:
Cotton fabric reinforced phenolic rod is suitable for insulation structural parts of electric equipment under dry conditions and in transformer oil. 3526 cotton fabric reinforced phenolic rod has good machining processing, damping and wear-resistance performance. It is usually used in electric equipment of large machines.

Tube Dimensions:
Nominal inner diameter, minimum wall thickness and allowable deviation.
Nominal Inner Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter Deviation (mm) Minimum Wall Thickness (mm) Wall Thickness Deviation (mm) Nominal Length (mm)
Wall Thickness≤10 Wall Thickness>10
6~30 (multiples of 1 and 2) ±0.4 1.5 ±0.5 ±1.0 450-1222
32~80 (multiples of 2 and 5) ±0.5 1.5
85~150 (multiples of 5) ±0.5 2
155~350 (multiples of 5) ±0.7 2
355~500 (multiples of 5) ±1.0 3
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