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Fiberglass Reinforced Benzoxazine Laminate Sheet

It is made under high temperature and high pressure conditions after electronic-grade fiberglass immersing into benzoxazine resin.

Features and Applications:
As a heat resistant and inflaming retarding insulation sheet, it has good electrical performances and can maintain stable mechanical strength under temperature rising conditions. Meanwhile, it has good inflaming retarding and wear-resistance performances, which is the best option for halogen-free and inflaming retarding requirements.

Sheet Dimensions:
Models Dimensions
Thickness Nominal Dimensions
F865 0.5 ~ 50mm 1020× 1220mm, 1020 × 2040mm

Executive Standards:
F865 fiberglass reinforced benzoxazine laminate sheet executes enterprise standards Q/TXXFR0003-2013 Synthetic Resin Laminate Sheet.

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