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Fiberglass Reinforced BMC Molded Parts (Bulk Molding Compound)

Product Name: BMC molded parts (Bulk Molding Compound)

1. Electrotechnic and electric industry: clapboard, backing plate, insulation support, support, arc extinguishing chamber, arc extinguishing tube of various high-, medium- and low-voltage switch cabinet, and various insulator, arc extinguishing plate, contact base, bus bar pallet, motor outlet terminal box, electric meter box and so on.

2. Transportation industry: bumper, splash guard, spare tire cabinet, seat, instrument panel, anti-glare shield and so on.

3. Construction industry: various high-rise building water tank, sanitary appliance in washing rooms, decorative sheet and so on.

4. Railway industry: signal lamp, window frame of carriage, signal box shell and so on.

1. BMC is bulk materials that are compounded by fiberglass coving and unsaturated polyester. BMC has good formability.

2. It can be made into any complex shapes through mold pressing.

3. Mold pressing products have excellent features of good formability, hydrophobicity, aging resistance, good fire resistance, high efficiency, humidity resistance, insulation, high strength, good elasticity and so on.

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