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Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Composite Board

Product Name: Fiberglass reinforced resin composite board

In PCB and other electronic industries, fiberglass reinforced resin composite board is used for making insulation test jig, wave-soldering and reflow soldering jig, SMT, furnace tray, jig for soldering pot and so on.

Sheet Dimension:
Thickness is 4-15mm and dimension is 1150*1250mm.

1. The composite board is compound materials that are made by fiberglass and anti-static high mechanical strength resin.

2. It can still maintain its physical properties under gradually temperature rising conditions.

3. It has features of high mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance (temporal heat resistance can be up to 350℃, low thermal conductivity and water absorption, excellent chemical resistance and anti-static.

4. It has advantages of good dimension stability and easy workability.

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