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Composite Materials

    1. GPO3 Glass Reinforced Polyester Laminate SheetGPO3 glass reinforced polyester laminate sheet is suitable for clapboard, backing board, arc extinguishing chamber, arc extinguishing tube, arc extinguishing plate, flash barrier, wiring board, insulation between phases, bottom clapboard and contact support of various switch cabinet; structural support, bus bar pallet, bus duct insulation of switch and transformer.
    1. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC (Sheet Molding Compound)SMC is plate electrotechnical product that is made by glass fiber roving immersing into unsaturated polyester to form sheet and then through mold pressing. It has good electric performance and mechanical strength, as well as satisfactory fire resistance, anti creepage trace and hydrophobicity.
    1. Fiberglass Reinforced Pultruded Composite ProfilesFiberglass reinforced pultruded composite profiles are bar insulation materials with various profiles that are made by compound of fiberglass and unsaturated polyester or epoxy resin, and then after extraction by mold, and then by heat curing while drawing to form. Profile design is flexible, including special shaped profile tubular or bar products, Theoretically, it can be made at random lengths.
    1. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP ProfilesFiberglass reinforced plastic FRP profiles are applied in wind power industry, transformer, frequency converter, high-voltage switch, high-frequency communication and other fields. It has a series of excellent features, such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small extension and good insulation performance.
    1. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester ProfilesGlass fiber reinforced polyester profiles are made by high-strength fiberglass immersing into unsaturated polyester paste and then through pressing molding and pultrusion. Good thermal mechanical strength. It can maintain good mechanical strength and electrical performance under continuously temperature rising conditions.
    1. Fiberglass Reinforced BMC Molded Parts (Bulk Molding Compound)Electrotechnic and electric industry: clapboard, backing plate, insulation support, support, arc extinguishing chamber, arc extinguishing tube of various high-, medium- and low-voltage switch cabinet, and various insulator, arc extinguishing plate, contact base, bus bar pallet, motor outlet terminal box, electric meter box and so on.
    1. Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Composite BoardIt can still maintain its physical properties under gradually temperature rising conditions. It has features of high mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance (temporal heat resistance can be up to 350℃, low thermal conductivity and water absorption, excellent chemical resistance and anti-static.
    1. High Temperature Insulation Composite BoardHigh temperature insulation composite board is heat resistant compound materials that are made by fiberglass and epoxy resin, which has features of high strength, high-temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity. It can insulate thermal energy transmission between equipment units. Maximum working temperature can be up to 300℃.
    1. Silicone Bonded Mica Composite ProductsSilicone bonded mica composite products are hard or soft plate and tubular materials that are made by compounding of mica powder and silicone resin and through baking and hot pressing. It has extremely excellent heat resistance, so that it can be processed into gasket, flange, bearing bush, casing pipe and others.