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Furunda Chemical Company

Furunda Chemical Company, founded on June 20th 1996, is specialized in manufacturing and processing various insulating materials, composite materials and insulating rubber parts. Main products include different kinds of insulating laminate materials, such as glass fiber reinforced epoxy sheet, phenolic sheets, insulating sheets, insulating epoxy sheets, F880 insulating sheets, electrically conductive laminate sheets, motor slot wedges; sheet molding composite materials, such as GPO-3 processing products and SMC processing products; engineering plastic processing products, such as PC sheet processing products, PC processing products and fiberglass reinforced pultrusion parts.

With professional material background and professional material processing experience, Furunda is able to provide a series of service and products, including raw material selection, design demands, stable quality and etc. Now we are supplier for electricity generation, power transmission and transformation, electrical equipment of Dongfang Electric Corporation, Harbin Electric Corporation, Shenyang Te Bian Electric Apparatus, China South Railway, China North Railway, Alston, Schneider, ABB, Siemens, GE and other companies and it brings us high reputation in return.

Furunda will continuously provide high-quality services for our clients with our professional insulating material production and proceesing techniques.

There are custom insulated product examples offering as follows:

Electrical Insulation Laminated Products

Electrical insulating materials or thermal insulating materials in laminated types come with great machinability. For instance, phenolic and epoxy laminated boards, rods and tubes can be used to make the insulation structural parts in electrical and mechanical equipment. At Friend Group, we pride ourselves on producing a variety of insulating materials in multiple types and functions. These materials are all able to be machined into all kinds of insulating parts with excellent resistance to fire, high temperature, arc, corona, surface stain, etc.

Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

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