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Furunde Composite Materials Company

Furunde Composite Materials Company is wholly-owned subsidiaries of Furunda Group with independent legal qualification. Founded in June 1996, our company has been dedicated to R&D and production of composite materials. Our company has obtained U.S. UL Certification, Europe Environmental Protection SGS Certification, International ROHS Certification, as well as ISO9001 2000 Quality System Certification, ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification, and OHSAS18000 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification.

Our main products include bulk molding compounds, such as BMC/DMC, SMC, GPO-1; sheet materials, such as SMC, GPO-3, UPGM204, UPGM205; sheet molding products, such as BMC/DMC; pultrusion products, such as unsaturated polyester and epoxy products, GPO-3 insulation materials, SMC insulation sheets, SMC coil stock, DMC/BMC bulk molding compounds, SMC/DMC molding parts and SMC processing parts.

There are custom insulated product examples offering as follows:

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC (Sheet Molding Compounds)

Sheet molding compound, also called SMC is a ready to mould glass fibre reinforced polyester material. It can be processed by compression molding to produce various profiles used as bodywork or structural automotive components, electrical or electronic machine housings, and other insulation parts. Friend Group has an advanced compression molding line of its own which is sure to guarantee the quality of finished composite parts, avoiding molding fault and meeting your requirements for electrical and mechanical properties of parts.

Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

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