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Furunda Import and Export Company

Since the foundation of Furunda Import and Export Company, we have been dedicated to import and export trade. Our clients come from dozens of countries and districts, including Germany, the U.K., France, the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Now, our import and export business mainly covers paper reinforced phenolic laminate sheet series, cotton fabric reinforced phenolic laminate sheet series, fiberglass epoxy laminate sheet series, glass cloth reinforced melamine laminate sheet series, silicone bonded mica composite products series, fiberglass reinforced silicone laminate sheet series, vacuum epoxy pultruded rod, red steel paper and insulation paper, composite stone, Teflon products series, various insulation casing pipes, PC, PVC, POM products series, GPO-3, SMC, BMC products series and other different kinds of insulation materials and engineering plastics.

There are custom insulated product examples offering as follows:

Insulated Engineering Plastic Parts

Engineering plastics such as PC, PA, PP, POM, PTFE, PET, HDPE, etc. are featured by light weight, high strength, outstanding resistance to wear and corrosion, self lubrication and many other characteristics. Processing these plastic materials can produce various insulating components with superior mechanical strength and electrical properties. As a professional manufacturer and fabricator of insulation materials, we are proud to produce a wide range of engineering plastic parts to meet your heat and electrical insulation needs.

Insulated Pultrusion Parts

The GRP pultruded profiles are made combining unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin with glassfibre reinforcement. They boast extremely high tensile strength in the length direction as well as a diversity of cross section shapes including angles, tubes, rods, bars and others. These insulating plastics can be processed further to produce high strength insulating parts for electromechanical equipment.

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