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New Furunda Insulation Material Company

New Furunda Insulation Material Company, as a subsidiary company of Furunda Group, has concentrated on the development of composite materials and taken revitalizing new materials as its own tasks. We have successfully passed quality environmental and occupational health system, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001. Now our products have covered more than 50 countries and districts. The annual export sales take up over 50% of gross sales, with an annual output capacity of 10,000ton.

New Furunda Insulation Material Company has devoted itself to 'Developing New Material Industry and Creating World-Famous Product'. In 2006, we established New Material R&D Center with Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy Sciences and it was identified as Beijing Enterprise Technology Center in 2007. Our technology abilities are first-class among peer companies. Currently, we are one of the drafting units of China Insulation Material National Standards, and vice president unit of Insulation Material Branch, China Electric Industry Association as well. Many of our products have obtained patents. Core products include paper reinforced phenolic laminate sheet, cotton fabric reinforced phenolic laminate sheet, fiberglass epoxy laminate sheet and heat resistant laminate sheet. Our insulation products have successfully travelled in space with 'Shenzhou Series', 'Chang'e' and 'Tiangong-1'. As a result of high-quality products and considerate services, we have become qualified supplier for internationally famous companies, such as GE, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Alston and so on. Our products have been widely applied in aerospace, rail transit, war industry, new energy, electronic industry and so on.

Our main products:
1. Paper Reinforced Phenolic Laminate Sheet: 3020, 3021 series, PFCP series, F820 series, ESD anti-static paperboard, HPL paperboard.
2. Cotton Fabric Reinforced Phenolic Laminate Sheet:3025 series, 3026, 3027, 3028, PFCC series, C/CE, L/LE sheet, F851 series.
3. Fiberglass Epoxy Laminate Sheet:3240 series, F880A(G-10), F881A(FR-4), F882A(G-11), F883A(FR-5), EPGC201-EPGC204, EPGC307, EPGC308 and other products.
4. Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Sheet: F876(EPGM203).
5. Fiberglass Reinforced Silicone Laminate Sheet: F894(G7) and pipe.
6. Glass Cloth Reinforced Melamine Laminate Sheet: F832(G5).
7. Electrically Conductive Laminate Sheet: F889.
8. Fiberglass Polyimide Laminate Sheet: F861, F862, F864, F866.
9. Insulating tubular parts and insulating bar parts.

There are custom insulated product examples offering as follows:

Electrical Insulating Tubular Parts

Tubular parts with complex cross shapes and high electrical insulation performance are commonly used in electrical equipment. These electrical insulating materials can be produced by further processing the tubes wound from insulation film or laminated tubes rolled from laminated sheet.

Large Size Fiberglass Reinforced FRP Composite Parts

These FRP parts are lightweight, high strength and complexly shaped insulating products made through hand lay-up process. This method is commonly used to make large size parts such as special vanes, fairings, reflex housings, etc. from fiber reinforced plastics.

Electrical Insulating Rubber Plastic Composite Parts

Weather resistant, anti-corrosion and creepage-proof electrical insulators are usually made rubber plastic composites. Here at Friend Group, as a prominent composite materials manufacturer, we can make all kinds of rubber plastic composite parts to customer's requirements.

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