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Factory Tour

Park Environment
Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Friend Group was founded in 1996 in the Optomechatronics Industrial Base of Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. It specializes in manufacturing and processing all kinds of insulation materials, composite materials and insulating parts.

Office Environment
We establish a comfortable and easy office environment for our employees. We have a professional foreign trade team which provides quality services for overseas customers.

Production Environment
Workshop Full View

Laminated Sheet Hot Pressing Workshop
In recent years, our company has expanded businesses to a quite large scale. The area of our laminated sheet workshop has been enlarged to 7500 square meters. 8 large press machines in different models and a weight range from of 1250t to 2800t are equipped in the workshop for producing insulating laminates in different specifications. In addition, we have 12 gluing machine lines, providing a production capacity of 10000 tons per year.

  • Gluing Machine
  • Gluing Machine
  • Laminating Press
  • Laminating Press
  • Warehouse

Composite Material Workshop
We have equipped our composite materials workshop with more than 20 sets of hydraulic press, with maximum size up to 1250×2500cm. They can produce 300 tons around composites in a month. Pressure, temperature and time are completely controlled by computer, thus ensuring high product stability.

  • FRP Profiles Hydraulic Press
  • FRP Profiles Hydraulic Press

Machining Center
Now, we own more than 30 sets of machining equipment in our machining center including high precision sawing machine, turning machine, drilling machine, milling machine, etc. A total of 12 large scale CNC machining centers are included. They ensure fully automatic production, with precision reaching 0.1mm, and can process all kinds of composites with a thickness of less than 80mm and an area of 3000×1600mm. In addition, they can conduct machining of composite sheets and various parts of special shapes, thus meeting complicated machining requirements and accuracy.

  • CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Machining Center
  • Precision Optical CMM
  • Insulating Materials Samples Show Cabinet

Test Center
At Friend, we have a large sized lab for materials testing use. It comes equipped with complete test equipment. For example, we introduced TA brand thermal mechanical analyzer (TMA) to analyze the expansion coefficient of insulation materials, as well as microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine to test bending, tensile, compression and other strengths. Other test facilities include arc resistance tester, HF Q meter, cantilever beam impact tester, breakdown tester, open-type inclinable press, etc.

Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

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