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Partner Examples
We are looking for following partners:

A. Materials Distributors
We are going to cooperate with more materials distributors to offer electrical insulating materials to the manufacturers of generator, power transmission and transformation equipment, building electrical equipment and electronic equipment. They are mainly engaged in electrical insulation materials, plastics, fire proof materials, heat insulation materials, cables and even building materials. Usually, they have a large demand and are our main customers.

B. Large Sized Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
These enterprises that we want to partner with manufacture generators, electric motors, transformers, capacitors, reactors, switch gear, circuit breakers, arrestors, and other electrical equipment. They are all world renowned enterprises such as ABB, Siemens, Westinghouse Electric, GE, Schneider Electric, Alstom, Terasaki Electric, TCI, etc.

C. Vehicle Manufacturers
We take pride in supplying superior insulation materials for various vehicle manufacturers including locomotive, subway train and high speed train manufacturers. Typical enterprises include GE, Siemens, Hitachi, Alstom and more.

D. Other Large Sized Equipment Manufacturers
Manufacturers of mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, logistics equipment, etc. are also what we want to serve.

E. Household Appliance Manufacturers

F. Electronic Products Manufacturers
We can offer top quality epoxy glass laminate sheets and compound stones to electronic products makers for manufacturing PCB welding fixtures.

Typical customers that we are partnering with:


By means of professional materials manufacturing and machining experience and know-how, we are proud to offer customers comprehensive products and services from raw materials selection, design to production and quality control. So far, we have been approved insulation composites suppliers of world leading enterprises in power generation, power transmission and transformation and power application fields.

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