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Custom Insulation Products Range

Raw Materials: Insulation laminate materials including laminated sheets, tubes, bars, etc., composite materials, fiberglass reinforced plastics, insulating materials for pultrusion, insulating materials for weaving and rolling, engineering plastics, etc.

Machining Types: From simple polishing and cutting to fine machining on CNC machining center; specifically including cutting, milling, planing, turning, grinding, punching, drilling, tapping, extruding, and others.

Colors: Based on customers' requirements

Sizes: Based on customers' requirements

Machining Processes and Methods
Our insulating products are mostly made to customer's specifications. Customer should offer detailed drawing and technical requirements. We will provide reasonable pricing and the best machining service in the shortest time. Not only can we use the raw materials of our own manufacture insulating products, but we also use the materials specified by customers.

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